Surfing El Salvador – Casa Sunzal is located a mere 5 min walk to the famous wave of El Sunzal, and just a 2 min drive to the town of El Tunco where guests can enjoy surfing La Bocana.

Besides Surfing El Sunzal or Surfing El Tunco our guest can enjoy any other wave in La Libertad region, including Punta Roca, La Paz, Zonte, K59 and K61. Guests can book a Surf Tour package and don’t miss the best Surfing in El Salvador.

We Offer Surf Lessons for beginners surfers, usually surf lessons are imparted in Sunzal, but we always search for the most appropriate wave for surfers level.

The Surf Tours we offer are for advanced and surfers that want to surf the best waves in El Salvador. We run Surf Tours in both surfing regions, La Libertad and Punta Mango. In Punta Mango our guest stays at our premier Surf Resort “Escape Punta Mango”.

Learn to surf:

# of people 2 hour lesson 4 hour lesson
1 person $95 $165
2 people $85 $145

Prices are per person

Surf Tour:

# of surfers Price per day
1-3 $145
4-8 $185
  • Min to book 2 days
  • Includes: Local guide, SUV vehicle with A/C
  • Includes surfing 2 sessions per day, any wave in La Libertad region

Surfboard rental:

Day $25

Week $150